leafLike millions of other moms across America, Kathy and Iris were always concerned about the wellbeing of their families. They wanted to provide their children with balanced nutrition and boost their development. They strived to maintain a healthy diet for themselves and feel young. They tried to help their elderly parents to stay strong and vigorous by providing them with additional vitamins and minerals.

After long period of research and many trial and error, they found the answer in high quality health supplements. These supplements have to be made of natural, fresh ingredients. Production process must be strictly controlled. More importantly, they have to be selected and taken to cater for individual need. Therefore, detailed label lists of contents are essential. Although the market is flooded with all kinds of supplements, only very few can be considered high quality products that can really be beneficial to your health. Imagine the joy when Iris and Kathy finally found the products that fulfill this requirement consistently!

They decided that these wonderful products should be shared with everyone. Hence BenaHealth was born.

We have one and only one mission: to provide the highest quality health products with the best consumer service. Our packages are carefully selected for specific needs for each age groups. Our supplements are backed by 100% refund guarantee. And we are always there to answer any questions. We hope all our customers enjoy BenaHealth’s awesome products, just like the two moms do every day!