Product included:

  • Ultimate Eye Formula® Veg Caps (60 counts)
  • Ultimate Sleep Formula Veg Caps (50 counts)


This Package is Great because…

The average American diet provides only 823 micrograms of lutein. Research shows that 2-10 milligrams is optimal for eye health.

Our Ultimate Eye Formula:

  • Providing the full potency of lutein recommended for maintaining optimal eye health
  • Containing pure bilberry and blueberry concentrates manufactured from our proprietary, low-heat, solvent free process
  • Our Bio-Shield Technology concentrates, protects and controls the release of important nutrients that otherwise could easily be damaged during processing or in the stomach

Quality nighttime sleep is crucial for daytime energy and alertness, and gives your mind and body a chance to relax, rebuild, and feel rejuvenated.

Our Ultimate Sleep Formula:

  • Contains gentle 4-part combination formula of vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and botanicals to support natural, healthy sleep
  • Free of Valerian & Melatonin as some individuals are sensitive to these ingredients