Product included:

  • Basic Multi® Veg Tabs (60 counts)
  • High Potency Liquid Omega-3 (50 servings)
  • Multi-Flora Probiotic Veg Caps (60 counts)


This Package is Great because…

To maintain good health at any ages, young adults should take in more nutrients during their busy, life-changing years.

Our Basic Multi® Veg Tabs is the ideal multi to begin a supplement routine:

  • Vegetarian, no artificial colors and flavors
  • Small, easy-to-swallow tablet with lower potency
  • Provides 100% of 14 essential nutrients

Studies have found those that consume Omega-3s at younger age have lower rates of heart disease or depressive disorder, and have lower level of certain cancers.

Our High Potency Liquid Omega-3:

  • Providing 730 mg of EPA and 450 mg of DHA per 1 teaspoon
  • Made of anchovy from waters near Peru/South America – one of the best managed fisheries
  • A lightly sweet, natural maple flavor

Stress, changes in diet, contaminated food and chlorinated water can alter bacterial flora in the intestinal tract. Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that are important for restoring and balancing intestinal flora. People who regularly consume probiotic have proven to have higher energy and better digestive health.

Our Multi-Flora Probiotic Veg Caps:

  • High in Lactobacillus acidophilus
  • Contains no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives
  • One capsule serves five different strains of the “good” bacteria needed for a healthy body